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Bangladesh’s policy towards Afghan depends on its attitudes: FM

Thursday's statement by AK Abdul Momen, the foreign minister, said that Bangladesh will decide its policies towards Afghanistan on its own after observing the situation and their attitudes and policy. However, no terrorists will ever be patronized. He said, "We have zero tolerance...we won't in any way patronise terrorists," referring to the participation of very few Bangladeshis in Afghanistan under the Taliban government. Momen answered a question about whether Bangladesh would follow Pakistan's policy, but he said that Bangladesh's decision is independent of the decisions of any other country. He spoke to journalists at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and said that Bangladesh has a long-standing relationship with Afghanistan. He also stated that Bangladesh is closely monitoring the situation in Afghanistan, which is a member of the Saarc. 'We believe in democracy. He said that we should ensure the welfare of people and that no decision has been made on